Business and Risk Environment Monitoring and Analysis

Intelligence for Better Decision Making


Erudite Risk’s Intelligence service for Asia can lower your costs and increase your effectiveness. It’s like having your own internal intelligence group, but without the commitment.

Our weekly intelligence monitors keep tabs on thousands of data sources across Asia to ensure you get access to the best data and insight on the local business, regulatory, and risk environments available today. Our weekly Insights report helps make sense of the key issues breaking today.  

Thousands of data sources across Asia monitored each and every day


News Media

Social Media

National Government Agencies

Regional and City Government

Foreign Embassies

Business Associations

Think Tanks and NGOs

Podcasts and Videos

Official Erudite Intelligence Partners

Good information is difficult to find.

We find it for you.

It’s hard to know what new information you’re missing.

Our Monitor reports are comprehensive to a fault.

Decision-making in times of change is difficult.

We help clear the fog.

Communicating the situation on the ground can be even more difficult.

We give you the data and insights to make it easier.

You’re expected to know everything.

Now you will. When the questions come, you’ll have answers.

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What is the Erudite Intelligence Package?


The Erudite Intelligence Package is a collection of three reports that work together to provide a comprehensive monitoring and analysis solution for a specific Asian country’s business environment.

Where do you get the data used in your reports?


All data in our reports is collected from open sources: news media, social media, government agencies, business associations, foreign embassies, blogs, think tanks, podcasts, and online videos.

  • Data is updated daily. We collect thousands of new data points: articles, tweets, press releases, data releases, etc. each day from across Asia and the world. 
  • All delivered data includes links and references to original source material. This allows you to dig deeper when you desire.
  • All analysis derived from source materials includes links and references to original source material. 
What kind of value-added analysis do you provide?


The Erudite Intelligence package provides the following value-added analysis:

  • Bespoke indices. We have created various bespoke indices, based on mining the data we collect. We believe these indices function as reliable indicators for some of the recurring questions those on the ground ask, such as “How do people on the ground in South Korea feel about the possibility of a war?” Our North Korea Perceived Risk Index seeks to provide a running answer to that question.
  • Issue Tracking. We track more than 50 issues across time. These issues may be global, regional, or national in scope. These issues are large topics such as the war in Ukraine, and as such, impact variables and indicators business leaders rely on to make decisions on the ground in Asia.
  • Variable Tracking. We track more than 100 variables across time as well, such as economic indicators, demographic indicators, and commonly used language. 
  • Our indices, issues, and variables are all inputs into the analysis process.
Who is currently subscribing to the Erudite Intelligence Package?


Current subscribers include major retail and investment banks, consumer goods brands, F&B brands, luxury goods brands, and energy companies. Our reports serve multiple roles inside each company (from P&L to HR to Security to Compliance) and are applicable to virtually every industry.

What are the use-cases of the service?


The Erudite Intelligence Package may be used for a variety of functions:

  • Risk management and risk avoidance. The country-based Risk Monitors are specifically focused on this use-case. This use-case includes physical safety and health, compliance risk, legal risk, and operational risk. (P&L, Security, Compliance, Legal)
  • Better decision-making. The country-based Ops Monitors are specifically focused on this use-case. This use-case includes competitive intelligence, trend management, customer sentiment, economic environment tracking, compliance and legal environment tracking, and investor sentiment.  (P&L, HR, Finance)
  • Issue and change management and trend tracking. The Insights reports is specifically focused on this use-case. Diving deeper into a set regular issues and variables allows for understanding of change over time. (Customized for role)
How is the Erudite Intelligence Package priced?


Pricing is per organization, per target country. So, for example, a subscription to the Erudite Intelligence Package for China, would provide three reports (Risk Monitor, Ops Monitor, and Insights) for China, for

  • Any number of recipients within the organization. An organization is defined as one domain name for mailing addresses. Affiliated companies require an additional subscription.
  • Recipients may be located anywhere in the world.
  • Recipients may be in various job roles. We will match the Insights report to each recipients job role. 
  • Unlimited sharing of reports within the same organization
How are the reports delivered?


The Erudite Intelligence Package is delivered via email only. 

  • Email goes out each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning, Asia time.
  • No logging in is required to read any material. 
  • No email attachments are included. All data and analysis are included in the body of the email. 
  • If formatting is broken on your email client, or to access more convenient email navigation options, viewing the email on the web is recommended. A link for viewing on the web is included with each email.
How long is a subscription term?


Erudite Intelligence reports are currently available as annual subscriptions.  Cancellations are possible at any time, with no additional billing. Reports will continue to be provided until subscription period ends. No refunds for early cancellation. 

Can I subscribe and pay by credit card?


Credit card payment is available via PayPal. Customers in some countries may experience restrictions on paying via PayPal. If you are having problems using your credit card at PayPal, let us know so we can explore other payment options. 

Can I be invoiced and pay by bank transfer?


All subscribers may opt to receive an invoice and pay by bank transfer.

What is the payment currency?


Pricing is calculated in US dollars, with conversions possible at the exchange rate at time of invoicing or payment. You may opt to be invoiced abroad in US dollars or in your local currency, calculated at the time of invoicing.

Can I subscribe to just one of the reports, rather than all three?


You may opt to not receive any of the reports, but the pricing is the same for one report or all three.

Do you offer discounts for more than one country?


Subscribers who wish to receive more than one country may inquire about a multiple country subscription or subscribe to our Northeast Asia fusion report covering, Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan.



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