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Erudite Risk’s Intelligence service for Asia can lower your costs and increase your effectiveness. It’s like having your own internal intelligence group, but without the commitment.

Our daily intelligence briefings keep tabs on thousands of data sources across Asia to ensure you get access to the best data and insight on the local business, regulatory, and risk environments available today.

Each Daily Briefing includes:

Introduction – an analytical introduction to some of the key things people in the space are concerned with today.

What Just Happened – A quick 3-minute summary of all the key issues covered in the media concerning the country. Read this and the “Developments” sections and you’re caught up.

Developments – A focused look at some of the key issues everyone is talking about today. If all the data can be thought of as a system, the Developments are the major clusters of thought, the key centers of gravity everything else is massed around.

News and Social – A survey of the local and global news media and social commentary categorized by risk or operations category.

Government Releases – Curated news, press, and data releases by government agencies across the country.

Embassy Releases – Curated news, press, and data releases by foreign embassies in the country.

Business Association Releases – Curated news, press, and data releases by business associations, including chambers of commerce, in the country.

Daily country reports are sent out Monday-Thursday, most weeks with exceptions for breaks, system maintenance, or holidays.

Thousands of data sources across Asia monitored each and every day


News Media

Social Media

National Government Agencies

Regional and City Government

Foreign Embassies

Business Associations

Think Tanks and NGOs

Podcasts and Videos

Categories we monitor for our Daily Briefings

Risk Categories

Climate Change
Communal and Religious Strife
Corporate Corruption or Fraud
Critical Infrastructure Failure
Cyber Attacks and Data Loss
Epidemics and Pandemics
Extreme Weather Events
Geopolitical Conflict and Disputes
IP Protection
Man-made Environmental Disasters
Natural Disasters
North Korea
Political Scandal or Corruption
Product Recalls
Protest, Demonstration, Dissent
Regulatory Enforcement Actions
Shifting Geopolitical Alliances
South China Sea
Strikes and Work Stoppages
Supply Chain Issues

Operations Categories

Asset Price Change
Economic Growth
Energy Prices
Financial System Problems
Investor Sentiment
IP Protection
Legal Exposure
Mergers & Acquisitions
Operating Results
Political Policy Resistance
Politics and Elections
Product Recalls
Real Estate
Regulatory Enforcement Actions
Supply Chain Issues
Trade Issues and Numbers
Wages and Compensation

Good information is difficult to find.

We find it for you.

It’s hard to know what new information you’re missing.

Our Monitor reports are comprehensive to a fault.

Decision-making in times of change is difficult.

We help clear the fog.

Communicating the situation on the ground can be even more difficult.

We give you the data and insights to make it easier.

You’re expected to know everything.

Now you will. When the questions come, you’ll have answers.