Operations Intelligence for Companies in Asia

The Ops Monitor is about getting a comprehensive look at the business and economics landscape, at the country or regional level.


The Ops Monitor takes an all-data approach to monitoring the landscape. Rather than monitoring for any one particular kind of business data, our goal is to monitor a variety of categories of data that may impact your business.

We gather everything we can from all-source intelligence.

We include everything in the report that we believe to be important or relevant. The goal is to be comprehensive–ensuring you have the opportunity to decide what’s important to you and your organization.

We take on the burden of searching, gathering, and distilling down all the available information into pertinent intelligence.


The Ops Monitor is sent out to subscribers each Tuesday morning by email. The report is contained in the body of the email and no authentication is necessary to read it.

Subscriptions are by company domain. A single company subscription may include any number of recipients (at the same domain name).