Risk Management and Security Services for Companies Operating in Asia

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Know all you can. Think negative. Then do something about it.

All of the value created by the organization, all of the profits earned, all of the goodwill generated, are meaningless if we are still susceptible to extreme risk events that can erase it all. While value creation can be unbounded, value destruction has a floor that, when hit, signals the end of the organization as a going concern.

Decisions must be made. We’ll help you make better ones.

Hire and partner more safely with pre-employment vetting and due diligence

Secure the office, warehouse, and production facilities

Protect global executives during travel

Hold safe events and customer gatherings

Build, train, and implement crisis management plans

Assess threats and vulnerabilities of your operations, end-to-end

Build and implement business continuity plans

Due Diligence

Due Diligence investigations are meant to counter the risk that comes from lack of transparency and asymmetric information.


One size does not fit all. Guards, systems, and technical measures should all meet the requirements of the situation.

Crisis Management

The ability of an organization to meet the crisis, make key decisions in a timely manner, activate crisis plans, and recover on the other end is everything.

Executive Protection

Our protection personnel have served on protection details for CEOs and board members from global corporations, high-net-worth individuals, and celebrities.

Business Continuity

The goal of business continuity should be to ensure that your systems, plans, training, and thinking are all coordinated to allow your business to experience minimum downtime, maximum robustness, and maximum resilience.