They know. You should know, too.

Due diligence is the single most important thing you can do to minimize business risk.

Risk from partnering can negatively impact your business is big ways. Embarrassment of the company and brand can take years to bounce back from. The inability to accomplish company goals due to bad relationships can undermine great product strategy and marketing.

Partners may have compliance issues, regulatory issues, legal skeletons in the closet. They may have undeclared conflicts of interest or a bad reputation in the market. Lastly, partners who simply cannot perform as required can set operational goals back.

We can review potential partners, distributors, and suppliers for
– Political exposure: Does the party have and rely on a relationship with current or potential government officials.
– Reputation: We can discreetly check the reputation of the party among the public, the industry, regulators, and past partners. This is a hugely valuable step everyone should take prior to making a business relationship.
– Relationships and interests: Does the party have undeclared relationships that conflict with your business? Do they have financial interests in other businesses that act contrary to your goals?
– Capabilities: Can the party perform as they claim?
– Litigation: Does the party have a negative history of past civil/criminal litigation?
– Regulatory Enforment Actions: Has the party been sanctioned by regulatory authorities?
– Media Checks: Does the party have negative stories or issues in the public media?

Erudite has a long history of performing discreet and open due diligence investigations for those looking to make business relationships. Let us help you make the best decision for your business. Our knowledge of the industry and its players put us in a priviledged position to conduct discreet due diligence investigations for luxury goods market participants.


Due Diligence

Due Diligence investigations are meant to counter the risk that comes from lack of transparency and asymmetric information.


One size does not fit all. Guards, systems, and technical measures should all meet the requirements of the situation.

Crisis Management

The ability of an organization to meet the crisis, make key decisions in a timely manner, activate crisis plans, and recover on the other end is everything.

Executive Protection

Our protection personnel have served on protection details for CEOs and board members from global corporations, high-net-worth individuals, and celebrities.

Business Continuity

The goal of business continuity should be to ensure that your systems, plans, training, and thinking are all coordinated to allow your business to experience minimum downtime, maximum robustness, and maximum resilience.