What action to take and how, when action is a must

Assessments. Security Manpower. Contingency planning and response.

Physical security is a key part of your operational infrastructure. You already have security systems in place, both physical and electronic. That’s fine for normal operations. Changes to the threat environment require reevaluation of security measures and adjustments to be made.

Changes to the threat environment may include a combination of known threats and unknown threats. These changes may present problems for security systems built for a different environment or a lower level of risk. Threats expose vulnerabilities in your security systems, including poor security design and implementation, inadequate security staffing/manpower at the building or office level, security protocols that are being ignored.

Threats or changes to the security environment that may test security and pose safety risks to personnel and operations may include:
– labor strife, work stoppages, strikes, or negotiations
– downsizing, layoffs
– facility closing
– overtly expressed security threats, internally or externally
– implied security threats due to other changes in the operating environment: e.g., contract issues, partnerships, distribution changes,
– VIP visits. Executive visits present opportunities for high-profile attacks/disruptions.
– high-profile marketing engagements and projects
– known business continuity vulnerabilities
– internal investigations (e.g. as a result of whistleblower actions)

Erudite can help you shore up your security vulnerabilities and flexibly respond to changes in the security environment.

Risk Assessments
Risk assessments allow us to help you assess the current state of your security systems and protocols. Assessments can be made of offices, warehouses (even 3rd party), production sites, marketing outreach sites, and distribution channels/retail sites. Standard risk assessments cover all aspects of security, from locations to systems to procedures.

We provide a written report at the end of the process, which you can use for improving your security situation or communicating with headquarters and stakeholders.

Security Manpower
Any guard vendor can throw bodies at a problem. We’ll work with you to assess the best possible strategy for deploying additional manpower on daily, weekly, or longer basis. If manpower is needed, we can flexibly deploy the right trained and licensed personnel, as needed.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence investigations are meant to counter the risk that comes from lack of transparency and asymmetric information.


One size does not fit all. Guards, systems, and technical measures should all meet the requirements of the situation.

Crisis Management

The ability of an organization to meet the crisis, make key decisions in a timely manner, activate crisis plans, and recover on the other end is everything.

Executive Protection

Our protection personnel have served on protection details for CEOs and board members from global corporations, high-net-worth individuals, and celebrities.

Business Continuity

The goal of business continuity should be to ensure that your systems, plans, training, and thinking are all coordinated to allow your business to experience minimum downtime, maximum robustness, and maximum resilience.